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Nothing is Impossible

God of the impossible

Galatians 1:1
Paul, an apostle (not sent from men, nor through the agency of man, but through Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead),

Paul is a unique apostle. He was not one of the twelve original apostles who walked with Jesus while He was on earth. Instead, Paul met Jesus after His resurrection while he traveled to Damascus to arrest and do harm to Christians.

That was no problem to Jesus. He took this opportunity to appear to Paul (called Saul at this point). Paul fell to the ground in a flash of light from heaven and a voice asked him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?”
Saul asked who He was. Jesus answered, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting, but rise and enter the city, and it shall be told to you what you must do” (Acts chapter 9).

This encounter left Paul blind for three days. Later he traveled far and wide to proclaim the living Lord Jesus who was crucified and rose from the dead. Paul wrote most of the New Testament.

We must never think God is not big enough to handle even the most impossible thing. Nothing is too hard for God. Just ask.

Lord Jesus, I lay before You a list of all the things
which to me, seem impossible.
I pray to see You do what You will with each one,
to Your glory, honor, and praise.

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Bold as Lions

Bold as Lion

Proverbs 28:1
The wicked flee when no one is pursuing, but the righteous are bold as a lion.

To the one who is at odds with God, everyone is an enemy. They have no protector. No one to turn to. They must be on constant watch. In order to defend themselves from who knows what, they must have a weapon always at hand.

Everyone they meet is suspect. Is this person going to harm them in some way? Cheat them? Turn them into the police? Is the next drug deal going to be with an undercover agent? Will they contract a wasting disease from their next trick?

When we are right with God, we have the creator of the universe going before us and at our back (Isaiah 52:12). God Himself holds our right hand (Psalm 73:23). He hides us in the shadow of His wings and we are constantly in the center of His vision (Psalm17:8). He provides all my needs in Christ (Philippians 4:19).

Father God, thank You for Your provision
to cause me to be in right standing with You.
Thank You for the peace and stability You bring
which far exceeds any earthly treasure.
I bow before You in humble adoration.

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Praying for our Government

praying hands

I Timothy 2: 1-2 says, “First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, in order that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity.”

Paul urges us to pray for those in authority as a first priority. How many times have we glossed over that part?
But what should we pray? According to Psalm 110:11, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” That wisdom is God’s wisdom, not man’s wisdom. We don’t possess that kind of wisdom–unless God gives it.

In a list of mighty men who followed King David in I Chronicles 12:32, we learn of “the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do.” Wise men are mentioned again in Esther 1:13. King Ahasuerus was surrounded by “wise men who understood the times . . . who knew law and justice.”

Since President-elect Trump is choosing his cabinet at this time, perhaps we should pray for him to pick men (and women) who possess God’s wisdom, who understand the times with knowledge of what the U.S. should do, who know law and justice.

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Keep Your Eye on the Goal

Eyes on the prize

II Thessalonians 2:16
Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us eternal comfort and good hope by grace, comfort and strengthen your hearts in every good work and word.

The Apostle Paul wrote these words to the church at Thessalonica. They were under great persecution. Paul wanted to encourage them.

Today’s scripture is some of his last words written to the Thessalonians. He wanted to remind them, that though they were going through intense spiritual battles, they needed to keep their eye on the goal—the coming comfort and solace of their sure eternal salvation at the hand of their Lord Jesus and God their Father.

Paul also prayed for their hearts, their thoughts, passions, and wills, to be strengthened in every good work and in their words.

We would do well to pray this scripture for those God lays on our hearts for it is a powerful and weighty benediction—one anyone would be pleased to receive.

Lord Jesus, may we ever keep our eye on the goal
no matter the circumstances.
May You author and encourage our works and words
to produce an increase of Your Lordship
until the whole world knows You and Your mighty love.

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God’s Compassion

God's Compassion

Psalm 40:11-12
Thou, O Lord, wilt not withhold Thy compassion from me; Thy lovingkindness and Thy truth will continually preserve me. For evils beyond number have surrounded me. My iniquities have overtaken me, so that I am not able to see; they are more numerous than the hairs on my head; and my heart has failed me.

Left to our own devices and walking in our own strength, we will fail every time. If it were not for God’s goodness, His kindness and faithfulness, we would be doomed.

When we sin we lose our vision, our ability to perceive. Our understanding deserts us. But praise God! He continually watches us. He waits for us to cry out to Him for His mercy and deliverance. To come back to Him where we belong. To receive His forgiveness, even though our guilt has grown to the heavens (Ezra 9:6).

It is His gentle wooing which brings us back. His grace causes us to admit our sin against Him. His mercy allows us to ask for and receive His forgiveness.

Lord Jesus, forgive my sin that separates You and me.
Strengthen me, deliver me, set me free from the things
grieving Your heart, so I may walk a blameless path
to please You in all things.

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The Truth in Love

The Truth

Jude 3
Beloved, while I was making every effort to write you about our common salvation, I felt the necessity to write to you appealing that you contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

Jude’s day is quite similar to ours. Our churches, like his, had people who wanted to be known as Christian, yet they had their own brand of the gospel.

Some people claim, “God is love, therefore, no one will go to hell.” Others say, “Homosexuality is acceptable in God’s eyes. We will lobby to make marriage between two persons of the same sex legal.” Passing a law made by men still makes it wrong in God’s eyes. For the sin of homosexuality, God utterly destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) for disobeying His very clear laws (Leviticus 20:13).

Still, others mock the idea of Messiah Jesus coming again to judge each person on earth (Jude 14-25). There are those who use the church to pursue their ungodly lusts and grow rich by preaching the gospel.

Like Jude, we must speak in love and contend for the truth of God’s word.

Lord Jesus, may we love enough to tell the truth
at all times, in all circumstances,
no matter the consequences.

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The Great I AM

I am

Exodus 3:14
And God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM”; and He said, “Thus you shall say to the sons of Israel, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”

The ever-existent One, the God who never changes, and is the all–sufficient One for all time; that is I AM. Not who was or will be. He is ever-present; the source of a never-ending supply, whatever our need.

He never wavers. He is the same God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; the covenant-making and covenant-keeping God that longs to have relationship with us today.

He is the one who delivered the Israelites from the Egyptian army, Daniel from the lion’s den, and who delivers us today.

He never grows old or feeble. He remembers those who have made Him their God, their Savior. He came to earth and is coming again—soon.

He is the King of all kings and Lord of all Lords. He is I AM. Are you ready to meet Him face to face?

Lord Jesus, God of all gods, King of all kings,
Lord of all lords,
may I know You better every day
and love You more dearly
each step of the way.

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How to be Saved

Paul and Phip.jailer

Acts 16:31
And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved, you and your household.”

Sometimes we wonder why bad things happen. When we belong to Jesus, everything has a purpose—even being thrown in jail.

Paul and Silas had been brought before magistrates for the “sin” of being Jewish. By this time all Jews had been thrown out of Rome and its territories. Philippi was a Roman outpost.

After being beaten with rods, they were thrown into the inmost prison. About midnight while they sang and praised God, there was an earthquake. All the prison doors opened.

The jailer, sure all his prisoners had escaped, prepared to kill himself. Death would be his fate when the officials learned he lost his prisoners. Paul quickly called out that they were all still there.

The man fell down before Paul and Silas and asked what he needed to do to be saved. They responded with the above scripture. That night the jailer and his whole household believed in Jesus and were baptized.

When the sun came up, the magistrates learned their prisoners were Roman citizens. The officials authorized their release and begged them to leave the city quietly because it was illegal to beat a Roman citizen.

Lord Jesus, help me keep my eyes on You
rather than the circumstances
when dark days appear.

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God’s Solution

Fretting Person

Psalm 37:1
Do not fret because of evildoers, be not envious toward wrongdoers.

We can waste a lot of time getting our tails in a knot from the things we see and hear going on around us. In these days we have multiple opportunities every day to be incensed at what we see and hear both at home and abroad.

Often we must remind ourselves Who is in charge and that He has a plan. Sometimes we jump into a situation that is of no real consequence and doesn’t serve God’s purpose, even though it’s a just cause. In reality, it only serves to distract us from God’s goals and purpose for our life.

We need to remind ourselves often that God sees it all and is perfectly capable of rectifying the situation. Also, that He is the ultimate judge of the whole earth. He didn’t appoint us His earthly magistrates.

Lord Jesus, may I seek You
at every bend in the road
and each step of the way.
Please keep me on track
and out of the ditches
so I might be available
and listening for Your call
whenever You choose to speak.

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