The Mind Set on the Spirit

Book of Rememberance

Romans 8:6
For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace,

Today, people spend hours at the gym working out to gain a sleek physique, to build their bodies into he-man powerhouses, or to keep their twenty-something appearance. Others are obsessed with the latest fashions. Still others spend their energy and time focused on food.

These things aren’t bad in themselves, but they shouldn’t be what we rest our minds on. They shouldn’t be the focus of our thoughts and purposes. Those things are going to pass away. When our minds are obsessed with physical things, there is no time to focus on our eternal relationship with God the Holy Spirit.

We need to take time to listen for His voice, read God’s word, and seek Him as our number one priority. Then God will bless us with a rich, full, satisfying life in the here and now and on through eternity.

Father God, draw our minds away from perishing things.
Set our thoughts and purposes on the eternal.
Woo us into one-on-one relationship with You through the Holy Spirit
so we may know You as we are known.

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2 Responses to The Mind Set on the Spirit

  1. SuZan says:

    Good message!


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