New LIfe

New life

Titus 1:2
. . . in the hope of eternal life, which God, who cannot lie, promised long ages ago.

When we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ we are granted by God a sure place with Him—forever. That forever life begins the moment we receive Jesus. Not only is our eternal destiny changed, our everyday living takes on a new quality.

We no longer have an uncertainty about where we will go after we die. We have a new, confident, quiet hope that indwells us. Death is no longer an enemy.

That fact frees us to live our life more fully in the here and now. We have a new clarity of vision. The Holy Spirit helps us hear not only what a person says but discernment of what is not being said. We have a new direct connection through the Holy Spirit.

We find we have a new assurance that when we die we’ll have a perfect new body that will last forever.

Father God, thank You for Your word
which gives full assurance.
What You have promised in Your word
is absolutely true down to the last detail.

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About Sally Jadlow

Sally Jadlow writes true inspirational short stories, historical fiction, and poetry. Her ten books are available on at  . She serves as a chaplain to corporations in the greater Kansas City area. She also teaches and speaks on creative writing. Contact her at
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