submerged ship

Another prompt given during the Poem a Day Challenge in November was the word “submerged.” This is my offering for that prompt.


In Greek, the word is baptizo
which means to submerge
as a sunken ship,
or the process of plunging fabric
into dye-water.

Jesus told us if He went away
He would send the Helper,
the Holy Spirit
so we could be baptized
in Him.

Let your ship sink in the Holy Spirit
to experience pure joy
and close friendship
with Jesus.

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About Sally Jadlow

Sally Jadlow writes true inspirational short stories, historical fiction, and poetry. Her twelve books are available on at  . She serves as a chaplain to corporations in the greater Kansas City area. She also teaches and speaks on creative writing. Contact her at Sally's blog is
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5 Responses to Submerged

  1. I like the idea, of prompting by the Holy Spirit, and then sharing what God lays on your heart. Beautiful depiction of submerged in HIS SPIRIT! Thanks for sharing.


  2. SuZan says:

    Beautiful, Sally.


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