God’s Book of Rememberance

Book of Rememberance

Malachi 3:17
“And they will be Mine,” says the Lord of hosts, “on that day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.”

In the scripture just before this in Malachi 3:16, God tells us He has a book of remembrance of everyone who fears Him (holds Him in awe) and who esteems His name. That means to hold His name in high regard.

Those will be His. They will be counted as His own possession (His treasure). There must be coming a terrible danger, because He makes a solemn promise to spare (pity, have compassion on) those who serve Him.

That word “spare” refers to those people He is going to spare as servants or subjects. Subjects are people ruled by a king. Do we see Jesus our absolute ruler, our king, our Lord? Are we serving Him and doing His bidding? Do we hold His name in high regard or use His name as a swear word?

Lord Jesus, on that day You prepare Your possession,
may I still hold You in awe, and honor Your name
above every name in heaven and on earth.
May I receive Your pity and compassion
as one who serves You with every fiber of my being.
Thank You for Your iron-clad promises
to those who follow You, my Lord, my King.

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